Spring Trends to Look Out For

By Yana Sybiga
Photos: style.com, apioneer.wordpress.com

It’s finally here — springtime! Though Boston weather contradicts the calendar, we are all ready for spring fashion. Take a look at what we think is in store for the new season:

Intercultural Theme

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We can see a clear message from various designers: the world is an amazing place and there’s so much to see and explore. A large number of fashion houses included looks inspired by the cultures of Africa, India and more to their collections.

New Office Style

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The office look should no longer be boring – designers offer a wide range of ways to upgrade your style at work. Some of them are more extreme than others, but if you are not afraid of experimenting with your business-casual look, go ahead!

Art theme

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This season, designers are going artsy. By embedding either full size paintings or chaotic, colorful brushstrokes to their clothes, they all praise creativity and originality in their thinking. Try to be original this season as well!


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Metallic clothes aren’t only for sparkling at night. Shine bright like a diamond any time of the day – this is a must in the spring/summer 2014 season.

Pastel Colors

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Pastels are the trendiest colors of this season — they are feminine and easy to implement into any wardrobe. You won’t go wrong with pastel accessories either, just take your pick.

Sport Chic

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Some may say they are sick of sport chic traveling from season to season, but the style has been climbing the ladder in the fashion world and this season is no exception. With more and more people accepting sports-like clothing on a daily basis, the trend is becoming more popular than ever, and not likely to fade any time soon.

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