Rihanna Stuns at Paris Fashion Week 2014

By Roseline Mbam
Photos: rihannadaily.com, fashionvault.com, fashionbombdaily.com, rihannavault.com

Rihanna bedazzled everyone at Paris Fashion Week with her amazing looks that I just had to write about it for the blog.  From Chanel to Lanvin, each look was distinct, bold and fierce!


Her first look was at Lanvin’s show where she bundled up with a gray fur wrap with harem pants and a fedora. Her makeup was absolutely stunning. She paired a neutral peach lip with a shimmery bronzer and smokey eyes.


At Christian Dior’s show, Rihanna wore a black dress with garters, black stilettos and a red mink coat. She accessorized with gloves, pearls and silver shades. She looked like an elegant Parisian princess!


Another look that I absolutely love is a military inspired outfit that RiRi wore at Balmain’s show.  She wore a belted leather green dress that was to die for. It showcased her Egyptian falcon tattoo and she paired the look with a gorgeous purple lip.


At the Chanel show, RiRi wore an optical illusion dress. The gorgeous lavender dress gives you the illusion that Rihanna has a teeny tiny waist. Keira Knightly was also spotted wearing a similar dress, so look out, ladies! This might be a new trend! She accessorized with a matching lavender fany pack and sneakers. She also had a gorgeous pearl necklace and cat eye sunglasses.


At Comme Des Garcons, Rihanna wore a statement fur stole that had the word ‘fear’ written on it. She paired the stole with a large leather jacket and a black beanie.  She wore strappy white heels and a bold red lip.


I saved the best for last because the last look Rihanna wore was my absolute fave. Rihanna wore a lace see-through blouse with black gloves and black pants. She paired the racy outfit with a white and black fur thrown over her shoulder. A matching dark lipstick completed the look. Rihanna, I am in love with this look. Can I have it just for one night? I promise to bring it right back. 😉

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