Guys’ Take on Girls’ Accessories

By Dewey MacMillen

Accessories have the ability to transform a simple outfit into an extremely creative ensemble. No matter how great the clothes, an outfit can fall flat without the perfect adornment. This season, we’ve put together four on-trend accessories that ladies on campus are sporting. Now, we may love them ourselves, but what do members of the opposite sex think about what’s in this season?

 Over-the-knee Boot


“Over-the-knee boots are sexy.” –Mike Wojcik, 19, Business (Marketing)

“Too much boot.” –Brett Galus, 19, Business (Management/Finance)

“Not a fan of how the boots are divided into two different shades; I like simplicity.” –Victor Brailoiu, 19, Business

The Fringed bag


“Fringed bags make me think a girl is earthy-crunchy.” –Wojcik

“She’s definitely a hipster.”  –Galus

“Not a fan of the color, and the strap things are just way too much and annoying to look at.” –Brailoiu

“Bag is cool, kinda hipster, which I’m into.” –Matt Marks, 19, Business (Finance)

The chunky statement necklace

“Can be very classy.” –Wojcik

“Too big and distracting.” –Galus

“Chunky necklace is just way too big and draws too much attention to itself.” -Brailoiu

“Necklace is too big, looks like a collar.” –Marks

Cat eye sunglasses

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 9.06.40 PM

“Mysterious, but sexy.” –Wojcik

“She’s a classy broad.” – Galus

“Glasses are a pretty cool design, but I think they could only be pulled off by some girls.” –Brailoiu

“Glasses are also cool, but would look bad on the wrong person.” –Marks

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