Milan Fashion Week 2014 Fendi Review

By Bertrand Cheng

“The snow drifted on the flowers and melted where it lay, the snow looked like dew on the blossoms, as on a summer day.” Billie Holiday’s “Violet For Your Furs” became the inspiration for Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld’s Fendi F/W collection in Milan.

The cherished memory of traveling for the sole enjoyment of traveling was fully encompassed in the show, where it wasn’t so much the destination, but the journey itself that Lagerfeld wished to evoke. Yet, the mood of absurdity was set from the very start with It girl Cara Delevingne opening the show with an exaggerated fur-collared hood dangling a marionette-esque Bag Boy, perhaps an effigy of the designer himself. The rest of the collection was swarmed with tufts of fur seemingly exploding out of the seams and ridiculously embellished fur-shoulder pieces.

The collection was an ode to the past, but very well a glimpse into the future, tying back to the idea that travel works both ways. The clothes reflected this notion, with an irresistible medley of contemporary athleticism in the form of zippers and mesh combined with decadent furs and primal extravagance. Floral corsages adorned the models atop a lush bed of fabric.

All in all, this season’s Fendi was unpredictable, where designs seemed to congruously blend sleek modernity with old classic creations, likening a result of a time-traveling mishap that perhaps was all too intended.

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