Milan Fashion Week 2014 Emporio Armani Review

By Alexandra Sadler

At this year’s Milan Fashion Week, Emporio Armani reassured the fashion industry that Armani is one of the top luxury brands in the world. As the models strutted down the runway donning sleek and sophisticated designs, the audience fell in love. The fall 2014 collection comprised of monochrome pieces, including dresses adorned with pops of robin egg blue sweaters, necklaces and thick-strap crossbody bags. Here are some of the looks from the show:

Blue Sweater and Necklace:

Pic 1 (blue sweater and accessories)

The blue sweater over this simple black and white dress adds a special flare and pop of personality. The blue crossbody bag and necklace piece complement the blue trim around the black heels and give the elegant black dress a retro-chic vibe.

Blue Undershirt:

Pic 2 (blue undershirt)

The blue undershirt strays away from the sophisticated all-black look and gives the entire outfit a fun, yet classy look. The extra splash of color is easy on the eyes and does not take away from the initial design.

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