New York Fashion Week 2014 Zac Posen Review

By Stephanie Baladi

With the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit on American couturier Charles James only a few months away, it was easy to see where (and why) Zac Posen pulled his inspiration from for his most recent runway collection. In a post-show interview, Posen said, “This was all about elegance…it was about line and form. I had to be disciplined. It was a tight edit.”

By limiting both the fabrics and the colors he let himself work with for this collection, Posen proved that he doesn’t need sequins, gems or other gaudy embellishments to create an eye-catching piece. When working expertly with the lines and shapes, he was able to make the fabrics speak for themselves.

The show opened with daytime looks featuring slim-fitting knee-length dresses and skirt suits paired with gloves and sunglasses. While upon first glance some pieces might seem simple in construction, further inspection reveals just how complex they really are with hidden seams curving to fit each model perfectly. The highlight of the show, though, were the gowns whose craftsmanship was reminiscent of a couture show more than a ready-to-wear one. With full skirts and dramatic necklines, the silhouettes embraced everything glamorous. Posen proved that it’s possible to pull off extreme volume and fullness without looking ridiculous.

Posen’s collection was a much needed palette cleanser among many of the shows this Fashion Month. He managed to remind everyone that when a piece is crafted perfectly, you don’t need all the bells and whistles. Posen proved that when well made, a piece can successfully stand alone.

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