Venni Caprice Spring/Summer 2014 Fashion Show Recap

By Alexandra Sadler
Photos: Aryanna Tiberii

When the blue and pink lights illuminated the models at the Liberty Hotel, the audience at Venni Caprice’s fashion show was captivated. The spring/summer collection ranged from casual dresses for everyday wear, to fancier, floor-length dresses for a night out on the town.

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Lori Kyler Christensen, the owner of Venni Caprice, put together pieces to make a versatile line for every fashionista. One of the pieces was a short black and white dress that wrapped around the neck for a more elegant look. Another dress had a more casual style with a white and pink floral print in a cotton material. This floor-length dress could be worn to any laid-back function while still giving the wearer that girly and fun feeling.

Christensen also designed a classy, yet casual dress that had more of a sophisticated and sexy feel. This dress consisted of a black top with a sheer, floor-length piece attached to the bottom and clipped back with black fabric — perfect for a warm summer day and lasting into the night.

Venni Caprice can be found on Newbury Street where a shopper will find elegant pieces for a night out and casual dresses to spice up any spring/summer wardrobe. All in all, the show was just as enjoyable as the new line — props to Christensen!

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