London Fashion Week 2014 Burberry Review

By Alexandra Sadler

Burberry Prorsum took London Fashion Week with full force by displaying bold and intricate patterns on pieces such as ponchos, scarves and bags. The Chief Creative Officer of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, paired these bold pieces with eloquent and subtle dresses.

Each design was hand painted and worn under loose-fitted trench coats and bohemian jackets. Towards the end of the show, each model had Burberry blankets draped over her shoulders to show the final piece of the fall/winter collection.

Pic 1 Blankets

Each blanket was monogrammed specifically for the models with their initials as a gift for them to take home.

Pic 2 Dress

This simple dress was turned into a fashion staple by adding hand painted patterns and pairing it with a bag, which also boasted hand painted designs to give it that extra flare and character.

Pic 3 Trench

This sassy trench coat was spiced up with the hand painted designs that Burberry made the theme of the night. This coat was paired with a skinny belt wrapped around the high waist, making the dress and scarf underneath pop through to ultimately make the style complete.

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