3 Days of Style: Athlete Edition: Tori H.

By Amanda Winfield
Photos: Amanda Winfield

Name: Tori Hickel

Team: Northeastern Women’s Hockey

Major: Communications

Background: Tori hails all the way from Alaska, so her passion for winter sports is no surprise. Her mother was originally a downhill ski racer and passed her training onto her daughter. Tori gets her athleticism from her mother, but her inner fashionista comes from her grandmother. Her favorite spots include Lululemon, Express and Aldo.


Day 1: Game Day! Coach always says, “Look good, feel good, play good.” Short booties, paired with dark leggings, and a white button down create a look of professionalism. A black long moto jacket with fuax leather sleeves is both practical and fashionable for the chill of the ice. Can’t forget to represent the team! Tori does so with a cute and casual hat–a pop of color red to off set the black & white.

Day 2: Work it out! When you have legs like those, SHOW THEM OFF. Here, Tori is pictured in her favorite Lululemon shorts, Nike trainers, and again (don’t forget to represent) a loose fitting Northeastern Hockey spandex tee. Pump some iron.

Day 3: It’s time for class, so Tori pulls out her tall boots with a slight heel to extend the leg. She rocks a neutral jacket with a bit of fur and a denim acid wash button up with a hint of gold bling to put those in sweats to shame. The leggings? Lulu, of course–who said you only have to wear work out gear to work out?

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