New York Fashion Week 2014 Prabal Gurung Review

By Bertrand Cheng
Photos: Vogue

What a refreshing change of pace for Prabal Gurung’s new collection, veering from the girly, detail-oriented dresses to his idiosyncratic designs. Perhaps it was the recent annual trip back to the Nepalese designer’s home where he sought inspiration in the Himalayan territories and the Tibetan wilderness.

For his 2014 fall collection, the models strutted down the runway, bundled up to their necks in scarves and wraps above thick waffle-knit sweaters and slouchy coats. This colorful and cozy collection was paired up with chiffon skirts and wraps, effortlessly draping the strappy heels embellished in tribal beads and stones. Gurung’s collection was an obvious reflection of the villager’s culture, even inspiring the designer to adopt a stronger emphasis on sportswear, especially with the addition of pantsuits and asymmetric cuts.

Though his versatility is still expanding, Gurung remained true to his trademark red carpet showstoppers by wrapping up the finale with a series of richly imbued evening gowns, ones that will surely make it on to the concurrent awards season.

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