Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week 2014 Alexander Wang Review

By Bertrand Cheng
Photos: Vogue

A chilly Saturday night spent in Brooklyn could be one’s nightmare, but in this case, it was the location of Alexander Wang’s fall collection set in the Duggal Greenhouse in the Navy Yard. Alongside the warehouse ambiance, Wang’s conceptual creations centered around this urban motif of survival and protection. His clothes magnified the utility and function of enduring the worst biome of this planet — metropolis.

With the strengths of his designs lying in his outerwear as well as in his covetable accessories, Wang finessed with fabric choices, ranging from suede and shearlings to leather collared pullovers and silk windbreakers. The snap pockets embellishing the collection’s anterior were designed to envelop the functions of a purse, carrying smartphones, chapsticks, notepads, and what not. Especially with this collection compared to his others, there was an apparent maturity in Wang’s aesthetics. Yet, the designer still kept to his signature with the athletic mixes of fluorescents, laser-cuts, and the experimentation with rugged prints. The major focus, however, had to be on the boots that ranged from lengths and caps, perfectly apt for trekking through this arctic season.

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