New York Fashion Week 2014 Tory Burch Review

By Roseline Mbam

Tory Burch’s collection during New York Fashion Week was a breath of fresh air.  Models walked down the runway in earthly tones of green and brown. Shades of reds and blues predominated the catwalk during the course of the show. Furs and sweaters were an essential part of the collection, while belts were key accessories seen on almost every model.

The gorgeous models all had their hair in bobs and wore neutral-toned makeup. Certain pieces contained intricately designed brooches shaped as crosses, which, personally, was my favorite part of the show.  Thigh high boots were part of most of the outfits on the runway, though when they were not, the models donned thigh high socks with ankle booties.

Overall, the clothing shown was very typical of a fall collection, though one that I enjoyed. Tory Burch succeeded in bringing back the 60’s bob with a floral-themed show that brought me on a trip to a beautiful garden.

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