Chanel’s Upcoming Cruise Collection in Dubai

By Julia Le


From runway shows in Singapore, Versailles and Cannes, Chanel is renowned for presenting its collections in some of the most luxurious and exotic cities in the world. This year’s show will prove to be no different, as Karl Lagerfeld plans to present Chanel’s 2014-2015 Cruise Collection in Dubai this May, according to WWD.

Bruno Pavlovsky, president of CHANEL Fashion, said, “In addition to being a key hub for our fashion business in the Middle East, Dubai was chosen because it inspires travel and evokes the true spirit of Cruise. The show that we will hold in this city on May 13, in the presence of Karl Lagerfeld, will be a unique event that will feed the public’s imagination around our brand.”

With Dubai’s average temperature estimated to be around 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the month of May, we can expect looser fabrics and a lot of skin. As always, the show is sure to be a grand spectacle.

Although further details on the location have yet to be confirmed, we can expect nothing short of extravagance and, perhaps, a little bit of controversy.

Karl Lagerfeld

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