Girls’ Take on Nail Art

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of thought and effort into my nails. I have a whole drawer full of different polishes, tools and embellishments, and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to freshen up the look of my nails. The runways are not only a great source of inspiration for fashion, but for nail art as well. After scouring the spring runways, I asked a few students around campus to voice their opinions on these intriguing styles. Let’s see if you agree:

3D Embellishment


“3D silver bond looks futuristic and cool. Only downside is that it is too sharp. It reminds me of a witch’s nails, especially with the silver bond.” – Yoonji Hur, Pharmacy

“Who needs such pointy nails? And brass knuckles on nails? This is just plain ugly.” – Rebecca Kreps, Music Industry

“I don’t like it. It looks like someone tried to put rings on their fingers but the rings were too small.” – Brandice Reid, Early Childhood Education

Modern French Mani


“It is very chic and edgy. It looks nice with the black jacket the model wears. However, it might look unfinished in daily life.” – Hur

“It just looks sloppy. Finish the ‘V’ to make a nice statement. Instead, she looks like she ran out of time doing her nails.” – Kreps

“I like it. It’s simple and not too flashy.” – Reid

Precisely Placed Sparkle


“Using only small amounts of glitter makes this type of nail art glamorous. The base nail polish’s color and glitter’s color go well together. This is my favorite!” – Hur

“Eww. With sparkle it is all or nothing. There is no in between. Ever.” – Kreps

“I like it. There isn’t an overload of glitter. Personally, I wouldn’t wear glitter on my nails, so that’s why I like that; it’s not too much. I like that it’s not as flashy as a whole hand of glitter.” — Reid

Floating Half-Moon


“This nude nail art looks like the model did not do her nails. I personally would not pay money for this.” – Hur

“Nothing new, but still classy and elegant. I like this one. It can be an everyday look, yet still be dressed up.” – Kreps

“I don’t like it. Though it’s simple and not too flashy, the placement of the white looks weird to me.” – Reid

Single Stripe


“I love this one. It looks easy enough for every girl to do on her own. Also, making the middle nail a vertical stripe instead of a horizontal stripe makes the nail unique. This nail art trend seems very wearable in daily life.” – Hur

“I like this look if you draw a stripe on all nails instead of leaving one out, but don’t make the middle finger the vertical line unless you’re trying to give the finger to everyone. Put it on the ring finger.” – Kreps

“I like this one. I like the ‘minimalist-chic look’ of it.” – Reid

Textural Finish


“I do not like the color. The texture and color make the model’s hand look weird.” – Hur

“I LOVE the subtle texture the little bit of matte gives the nails. It doesn’t overdo it and gives an everyday look that is gorgeous.” – Kreps

“I like the color. I can’t really see the texture on it. But from the way it looks, from what I can currently see, I would try it.” – Reid

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