Links We Love: Feb. 16, 2014

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

Snowstorms, the Olympics and the approach of midterms and spring break—what more could you want? With so much to stress about, it’s time to take a break and read through this week’s fashion links.


1. Thanks to the recent snowstorms, we’ve all been pulling out our rain/snow boots more than usual. Take a look at the ever-popular Hunter Boots make its debut on the runway. [Watch Hunter Boots Make Its London Fashion Week Debut Here;]

2. Even though fashion week is filled with beautiful and at times questionable clothes, there are also plenty of awkward moments that must be appreciated. [19 Awkward Fashion Week Front Row Moments, In Our Own Words; Huffington Post]

3. Whether or not you already know all of these fashion acronyms, a.k.a. “fashionyms,” review Harper Bazaar’s list to ensure that you’re not forgetting any for those times when you’ll need to use them. [How to Speak Fashion; Harper’s Bazaar]

4. This spring, the collaboration between Diane von Furstenberg and the famous Andy Warhol prints will come to life! Imagine her timeless wrap dresses combined with the awesome colors of Andy Warhol’s most famous prints. It’s going to be awesome. Check out the collection’s “far-out” video for a sneak peak. [Get Some Serious ’60s Style Inspiration by Way of DVF’s New Andy Warhol Collab; Teen Vogue]

5. The ‘90s have made a serious comeback recently and ASOS and Puma are taking advantage with their recent collaboration. Look through these images to get inspired and maybe you’ll even venture to the ASOS site and buy some cool new Puma gear! [ASOS and Puma Transport Us Back to the 90s with This Totally Rad Collab; Teen Vogue]

6. If you’re curious as to why Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian a painted Hermés Birkin bag, then read this article to get his side of the story. I’m still not convinced that it was a wise decision. [Kanye West Knew Everyone Would Hate Kim Kardashian’s Painted Birkin;]

7. With Olympics on the brain, it’s only right to scroll through some questionable figure skating outfits from the 1980s. If anything, it’ll be a good laugh. [26 Horrifyingly Awesome Figure Skating Fashions from the 80s; BuzzFeed]

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