New York Fashion Week 2014 DKNY Review

By Yana Sybiga

DKNY, which was originally created as a more affordable and youth-oriented brand, left the audience with no doubt of these origins after its fall/winter 2014 fashion show. Designer duo Donna Karan and Jane Chung once again made a declaration of love to the brightest and noisiest city on the planet: New York. To add to the theme, most of the outfits were modeled by true New Yorkers, which added a unique street style vibe to the collection.

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The collection itself showed classic features of sport-chic mixed with the glamorousness of New York style. The first part of the show primarily consisted of black and white colors, with just a touch of orange at the end. Oversized varsity jackets, leather wide pants and skirts, striped fur coats, contrasting zebra stripes and sweatshirts denoted with a “D” represented this portion of the show. The second part added more color to the classic black look with blood red, deep blue and soft pink tones. These vibrant colors were seen in dresses and skirts, surprisingly paired with heavy coats and Yankee caps.

The most unexpected way to close this sporty and boyish collection was the insertion of light pink and gray lace dresses at the end. Earlier in the show, pink and gray motifs were present in a rougher form, which was then composed in a finer form for the ending. All in all, the show signified how the city is seen differently by those who live in it and how appreciative DKNY is toward the famed New York, NY.

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