New York Fashion Week 2014 Opening Ceremony Review

By Bertrand Cheng

This past weekend, Opening Ceremony brought Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to life in a runway show that was quite a sweet treat. In fact, the presentation was almost upstaged by the cascading chocolate landslide oozing down the massive white canvas by the runway.

Designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, recently inspired by a trip to Belgium, decided to explore the concept of senses, incorporating this idea into their fall-winter collection. The theme encompassed the entirety of the show, to the point that hot chocolate was treated to guests as they exited the premises.

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As far as the clothes were concerned, the male models graced the runway with a whimsical play on layers, raising the bar with thick, woolen turtlenecks and exaggerated lengths that grazed the knees. Adorned in a myriad of jewel tones, Opening Ceremony amalgamated the rich hues of emerald and sapphire with pops of salmon and a subdued earthy scheme. The women’s collection dabbled in asymmetry with unique cutouts and playful hemlines that demonstrated the ease of purposeful dishevelment.

Forever the cool kids of fashion, Leon and Lim’s aesthetics were in full bloom as the street-savvy exploration of layers and cuts wondrously complemented the aloof nature of the models. However, the major showstoppers had to be the covetable coats from both men and women’s, which perfected Opening Ceremony’s charming presentation.  Done in true fashion, the brand not only served a delightfully enchanting performance, but delivered a thrilling experience altogether.

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