New York Fashion Week 2014 3.1 Phillip Lim Review

By Bertrand Cheng

Phillip Lim’s dynamic fall collection embodied the fickleness of the autumn season to come, keeping his audience on its feet with unpredictability in both palettes and design. Best apropos to the imaginary motif of “Soleil,” his collection saw a blend of caricaturized proportions of classic ensembles and heightened colors that enhanced the timelessness and modernity of each piece.

Lim effortlessly combines the start undertones of black and white to frame the pastel lavenders and sea-foam colors that are typically more akin with spring. The windowpane pattern became a reoccurring theme, lending its geometric print to enhance the boxy structure prevalent throughout. Staying true to character, Lim’s collection presented an athletic vibe, as slouchy pants laid under shapeless multi-colored coats and bomber jackets. In fact, most of his outerwear saw the reinvention of the denim jacket and extended vests, but done so in quirky colors.

As the color palette subdued into neutrals towards the latter half, the pieces elaborated more on the boyish charm typical of Lim’s designs, from the deconstruction of men-inspired suits to the overall androgynous styling of the models that just screamed cool.

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