Guys’ Take on Girls’ Nail Art

By Yana Sybiga

Every girl at some point in her life wants to change something about herself. Some change their hair color or hairstyle, some go for plastic surgery, tattoos or piercings, and some experiment with their nails. Girls of all ages don’t let nail salons go bankrupt by covering their nails with a variety of designs and colors. However, what the gals like may be horrifying for the opposite sex. Let’s find out what guys think about these four different styles of nail art.


“I think it looks cool, but I don’t like it. The nails are too long.” — Kyle Leslie, 19, Management

“It’s beautiful, but I don’t like long nails.” — Yang Dongkun, 20, Accounting

“I think it’s beautiful and I like those shiny things, but I prefer monochrome nail polish.” — Zhiyu Song, 21, Finance and Insurance

“The drawing looks nice, but I hate long nails.” — Moataz Alsuhaimi, 19, Industrial Engineering

“I have a feeling that she has nothing else to do, but to paint her nails. It is too much. I really like monochrome or no nail polish at all. The most important thing for nails is to be manicured, that’t pretty much it.” — Vladimir Klever, 18, Law


“No, I don’t like it. It looks really weird.” — Leslie

“I definitely don’t like it, it is too colorful.” — Dongkun

“I think it’s cute.” — Song

“Unprofessionally made, but cute. Would be perfect for a girl at the age of 7.” — Igor Serov, 24, Leadership

“I hate it, it has too many colors and doesn’t look neat.” — Alsuhaimi


“These are better, but I still don’t like them.” Dongkun

“Yes, I like these. They are simple.” — Song

“Okay, these are not bad.” — Alsuhaimi

“Disproportional, weird design. Don’t like it.” — Serov

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 7.55.21 PM

“I like this minimalistic design.” — Serov

“These ‘diamonds’ look horrible and cheap. The color is okay, but I like when girls have French manicures or red nail polish for a night out. The length of the nails is okay on the photo.” — Vsevolod Zhukov, 18, Physics

“Looks very professional, I like the light blue color and the accent of the diamonds.” — Dennis Warfield, 19, Criminal Justice and Political Science

“I don’t like this nail polish, it resonates with the color of the skin.” — Dongkun

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