Save Stylishly: Sub-Zero Edition

By: Alexandra Sadler

With this frigid cold weather keeping us indoors and causing some serious re-wearing of sweaters, we need to revamp our closets to stay warm without spending a lot of money. While staying within your college budget, it’s close to impossible to find cheap sweaters that match your personality and unique style, but we found some store outlets that may appeal to you. Stores such as Urban Outfitters carry cheap, oversized sweaters that are versatile and can be paired with almost anything you already own! With our busy schedules and need to stay bundled up in this chilly Boston winter, we need warm clothes that are built to last. Here are some websites and clothing we picked out for you:

Pic 1 Urban Outfitters

This cable-knit sweater is only $39 from Urban Outfitters and is a simple, yet cozy looking piece that can be paired with leggings or your favorite pair of jeans and boots. You can add an extra flare to this piece by adding a statement necklace or a simple, solid scarf.

This knit sweater from H&M is easy to pair with anything in your closet and is only $19.95. To add some extra color, pair the sweater with an infinity scarf with bold patterns or bright colors.

Pic 4 Francescas

For a bolder sweater with a little bit of a pattern, Francescas carries warm, affordable sweaters to get you through this tough winter. This polka dot sweater only costs $29.99 and brings in an energetic and fun look to brighten up these gloomy days. You can wear this with a pair of dark jeans and tall black boots, or create your own look. Add some accessories and you’ll be ready to take on the cold!

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