Vogue’s Response to Untouched Lena Dunham Photos Request

By Alexandra Sadler
Photos: parade.com, jezebel.com, fashionista.com

Pic #! Dunham Cover

Controversy has hit the fan in the fashion world. Actress Lena Dunham’s untouched photos for Vogue’s latest February issue have been leaked by fashion news source, Jezebel. The news outlet offered $10,000 for the original images, which didn’t take long to surface.

One of the images that Jezebel attacked was a picture of Dunham with a pigeon sitting on top of her head. The writers of Jezebel claimed that this photo was taken in a studio and not actually out on the streets of Brooklyn. (If you’re interested in Jezebel’s side of the story, check out their photo comparisons here.) Once Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, caught wind of this rumor, she immediately turned to the social media site, Instagram.

Vogue staff posted a photo of Dunham behind the scenes with, what appears to be, a real pigeon perched on her head. The caption that was strategically placed beneath this photo was, “The Vogue pigeon. Any questions?” Wintour was not about to let Jezebel get away with tarnishing the fashion magazine’s renowned name, and by the looks of it, Vogue won this battle.

Pic #2 Vogue Instagram

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