Links We Love: Feb. 2, 2014

By Sarah Darrow
Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

Since it’s nearly impossible to not get distracted while doing homework or studying for a test, spend one of your next breaks reading through some of the links we absolutely can’t get enough of!


1. American Apparel has always been known for its, well, revealing ads, so it comes as no surprise that its newest lingerie model is 62 years old. If you still look that good at 62, why wouldn’t you want to be a lingerie model? [American Apparel’s Newest Lingerie Model is 62 Years Old;]

2. For those of you who can actually give yourselves braids or cool hairstyles, check out these five new ways to braid your hair and get inspired! [5 Non-Boring Ways to Braid Your Hair, Explained in GIFS; Huffington Post]

3. Instead of hiding your socks under your jeans or buying those really tiny (and annoying) ones that aren’t supposed to stick out, embrace your socks and let them shine! [5 Ways to Wear Nerdy-Girl Socks; Refinery29]

4. I don’t think you can ever have too much fashion inspiration, so add What I Wore to the list of fashion blogs you follow and look through the work appropriate outfits, casual clothes and party ensembles! [What I Wore]

5. Scroll through the best fashion ads of spring 2014. Maybe you could print them out and create a collage on your wall? Or just look through them and admire the awesomeness. [The Best Ads of Spring 2014; Harper’s Bazaar]

6. Check out Sass & Bide’s new 360-degree ad campaign. You get to navigate the room, click on shoppable pieces, and look at a bunch of people in all sorts of odd poses. [Sass & Bide]

7. In the spirit of the 2014 Olympics, check out this article about Ralph Lauren’s designs for the Opening Ceremony. All of the garments are 100% made in the U.S. and look pretty nice, if I don’t say so myself. [Ralph Laurens 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony Outfits; NY Daily News]

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