How to Lose a Guy in 10 Trends

By Sarah Tahami

Let’s face it ladies, there are some fashion trends that we absolutely love, but the men in our life just don’t seem to get. Whether you’re looking to lose the weirdo you met on that one blind date, to avoid these off-limit looks, or whether you’re just curious to see what guys think about your fashion choices, here is your guide to the 10 trends (most) men just do not find flattering:

1. Oversized sunglasses


This is one of those trends that I think can be a hit or a miss. Depending on the outfit and your face shape, they can either glam you up or give you some very unflattering bug-eyes. Oversized sunnies are one of those looks that guys just don’t really understand. They’re so much of a fashion statement and men just don’t get the appeal of hiding your whole face behind two very large, dark lenses. But hey, I love embracing my inner Holly Golightly and sporting a pair of big sunglasses. Sorry boys!

2. Color-blocked anything

Color-blocking can be so much fun. I love mixing colors and creating a bold statement. But guys don’t agree. In their minds, color-blocking sort of looks like a rainbow threw up on you. The trend is just too busy and confusing for guys. I’m sorry to hear that, I really love a good color-blocked outfit in the spring.

3. High-waisted pants/shorts


When it comes to high-waisted anything on women, most twenty-something men give them a thumbs down. Why? According to various guys, they’re just unflattering on most body types and too much of a throwback to the 80’s and disco days. I love a good pair of high-waisted black shorts but I can see where the hate comes from. I mean, when I think of high-waisted bottoms, I can’t help but think of mom jeans. Who’s with me on this?

4. Peter Pan Collars


This look can be cute and classy, but men just seem to think it makes you look like an old lady… or a maid. I’m sure that’s not the look you’re going for when you sport one of these. Maybe it’s because guys just prefer plunging necklines — big surprise there — but the Peter Pan collar is a “no,” according to the male population.

5. Uggs


I know, I know, who could possibly hate Uggs? Anyone who has ever put these babies on their feet knows they’re a godsend and can keep you warm during the coldest of times. I’m sure with this recent storm, a bunch of you on campus have whipped out the Uggs in an attempt to keep those toes warm. I know I have! But when it comes to a guy’s opinion on these fluffy boots, they’re a fashion faux-pas. As much as I love my Uggs, I guess there’s no denying that — all comfort aside — they are pretty uggly. See what I did there?

6. Overcrowded patterns


Have you ever noticed that men’s fashion stays pretty simple? No insane colors (except in haute couture), no glitz or glam like women’s fashion, and generally no ridiculous patterns. I guess men are just simple-minded and the super colorful and/or floral, large patterns us ladies often wear just go over their heads. This one’s a no, sorry to all you girly-girls out there.

7. Maxi skirts/dresses


Ahh maxi skirts, how much I love thee. So comfortable, so liberating, so stylish… or so I thought. Nope. In the male mind, maxi skirts and dresses are just not flattering. Why? You guessed it, because they’re the least revealing piece of clothing a girl could wear. Well boys, maybe that’s why we like them so much! But sadly, men do not approve of the maxi trend or its modesty.

8. Ripped jeans


Does anybody wear ripped jeans anymore? I sort of get all the hate on this trend. If you really think about it, ripped jeans don’t make much sense. Why would you pay to wear something that seems to become more and more shredded the more you wear it? They’re not very practical and they’re really not flattering either. What’s sexy about knees? According to one guy, “You wear pants to keep you warm. If they have holes in them, they aren’t serving their purpose.” Props to him, it makes a lot of sense. Guess it’s finally time to dump that pair of ripped jeans we all have shoved in the back of our closets.

9. Too many accessories


Coco Chanel once said, “Once you’ve dressed, and before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.” Apparently guys agree. Boys think that nothing looks more tacky than a girl with one too many necklaces adorning her neck. Sorry, jewelry junkies. I feel your pain.

10. Sparkles


Okay, maybe I lied earlier, there is one thing that looks more tacky than too many necklaces and that is too many sparkles. Guys just never caught on to the glittery trend of sparkles. A little here and there are fine, but too much sparkle is garish and can definitely scare a guy away. Maybe it’s because sparkles are usually affiliated with high-maintenance, girly-girls, but this trend receives a big thumbs down from the boys.

Well, that’s it. Those are the 10 trends that will almost guarantee the loss of any guy. But who really cares what the boys think? We dress for ourselves, right, ladies? It’s just fascinating to hear what the men have to say about our sometimes out-there fashion choices.

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