Success Story: Kaan D. at Artemis Design Company

By GaYeon Kim (Lisa)
Photo: Kaan Dönmez


Name: Kaan Dönmez
Major: Marketing
Graduating: May 2018
Company: Artemis Design Company
Part time / Full time: Part time
Previous co-ops / Internships: No previous experience

How did you end up at Artemis Design? How did the Fashion & Retail Society help you get there?

When I signed up for the Fashion and Retail Society during the club fair, I was only expecting to get more involved in fashion. But at the first meeting I attended, Milicent Armstrong was giving a presentation on her company and I was only able to catch the last 15 minutes of it where she mentioned that she was looking for interns. I immediately became interested in interning after realizing that she was working with Turkish companies as well. Then after the meeting, we had an informal talk and agreed to interview the next day. After the interview, she invited me to work with her as an intern and I’ve been working with her since last semester.

What are your job responsibilities?

I am mostly translating emails between Turkish and English. Moreover, when I’m in the office I do office work, such as making business cards, counting the shoes and the bags, organizing them in an order, going to the post office or UPS to send out some orders, etc.

What is your favorite part of the job? Least favorite?

My favorite part of the job is that I’m able to explore and learn fashion and business at the same time. As I am planning on working in this sector, it’s really interesting and useful to be this close to both of my passions. I don’t really have any least favorite parts of the job. I’m enjoying every moment of being there.

What have you learned from the job?

I’m learning more about the marketing aspect of the job. To be able to communicate with people and clients and to learn what people would like to see from a product help me develop better public relations and communications skills.

Have you helped out on any designing work/project? If yes, what did you design? How did you help?

Unfortunately, I’m not involved in the designing part of the job as much as I would love to.

Do you aspire to work in fashion someday? Does the job contribute to your answer one way or another?

Definitely. Fashion has always been one of my biggest passions but I have never been able to pursue as much as I am doing now. Whether it’s the design part or the marketing part of the business, I definitely hope to pursue a career in fashion.

What does fashion mean to you?

I think fashion is a very strong expression of feelings, emotions, personalities, life goals and life perspectives of people. What people choose to put on says something about them. Plus, fashion presents your appearance, basically the first impression of you when people look at you. I don’t really follow every single fashion trend, which changes over time. I think being fashionable is what makes you feel better about yourself. What you put on everyday doesn’t have to be the latest collection, as long as it has a purpose to express you.

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