Louis Vuitton’s New Handbag Line Review

By Alexandra Sadler
Photos: spottedfashion.com, fashionista.com

Louis Vuitton has officially introduced the new spring/summer 2014 handbag collection. These handbags stray away from the well renowned LV monogram and portray pieces that are edgy and dark, while others boast eloquent, pastel colors. Take a look for yourself:

Drawstring Bag

The handbag that seems to be the most intriguing out of this collection is the Drawstring Bag. These bags are strategically designed with black sequins, feathers and fringes that add more of a runway look to your style. Darren Spaziani, an accessories designer, was called in to help embellish these bags to raise the Louis Vuitton name to an even higher level. With this new “hyper-luxury” persona, Louis Vuitton will, once again, blow the competition out of the water.

The 2014 collection doesn’t stray too far from the famous Louis Vuitton design. The new Enamel Louise clutches come with straps, transforming into a cross-body bag and creating a unique and classy flare.

Louis Vuitton is attempting to reach an entirely new level of distinctiveness with this collection and we fully applaud it. The company has wowed the fashion world and presented yet another flawless collection.

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