Links We Love: Jan. 26, 2014

By Stephanie Baladi

Less than a month into school and it seems like the work is already being piled on at full force. Take a break from your papers and homework problem to browse through the links below and give yourself a well-deserved breather.


1. In October, Marc Jacobs announced that he would be stepping down as creative director from Louis Vuitton to focus on his namesake brand. The designer’s last handbag for the brand is his own take on the house’s iconic Noé. Take a look for yourself! [Marc Jacobs’  Last Bag for Vuitton is the Toast of the Town; Harper’s Bazaar]

2. As if it weren’t bad enough having to put up with temperatures below freezing, we also have to deal with the dry skin that comes with it. The Beauty Department teaches you how to stay properly moisturized and keep your skin at its best this season. [Body Moisturizing Must; The Beauty Department]

3. This week, Ralph Lauren released his design for the Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms. They definitely look cozy and they definitely scream “America,” so, I guess it’s a hit? Honestly, given the chance, I wouldn’t mind getting to bundle up in one of those sweaters. What do you think about them? [First Look: See Ralph Lauren’s Olympic Opening Ceremony Uniforms for Team USA; StyleCaster]

4. Viktor & Rolf’s Spring 2014 Haute Couture has officially made my jaw drop. Where do I begin? The gorgeous pastels? The ethereal draping? The overall lightweight feel of the entire show? Or, how about the fact that the designers cast ballerinas from the Dutch National Ballet as their models to walk down their runway en pointe? Do yourself a favor and check out these shots from the show. [Spring 2014 Couture: Viktor & Rolfe;]

5. If there’s one thing I took away from Chanel’s runway show this past week, it was “sneakers.” At first glance, they’re reminiscent of early 2000s Sketchers, but all it takes is one look at the detail of the shoe to see just how much more it is. Each pair took a minimum of 30 hours to make and cost upwards of 3,000 euros. [Each Pair of Those Chanel Couture Sneakers Took 30 Hours to Make;]

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