Assemble: 2201 Fashion Finale

By Kate Duggan
Photos: Kate Duggan


In celebration of Martin Luther King Day 2014, Future Boston collaborated with several Boston companies to hold a fashion show in the Roxbury community. The concept behind the show was simple — to bring together a community and raise awareness of MLK and his teachings. What better way to do this than through a fashion show?

Discover Roxbury is a community program where members come together to create a united spirit. Project Manager Erin Anderson said, “People heard about what we were doing and wanted to join.” This is where fashion companies like 19th Amendment and Karmaloop came into the picture. They wanted to support the local talent and designers by putting their name on the event, offering their support and spreading the word about the show.

The designs that were showcased featured pieces from several local designers including Brian Hull from Cookies Brand, Dorothy Mensah and Krista Pottinger from L.O.R. Fashion, Lynda Hester from Lana Muse. Each designer’s offerings varied drastically from quirky aprons to jewelry to structured feminine dresses and then casual graphic designs on T-shirts and sweaters. The event took place in a local community center where refreshments were offered before and after the show and there were stalls set up where you could purchase the jewelry and designs that were featured throughout the show.

Take a look at several pictures from the event where you will see pieces from the show modeled by local members of the Discover Roxbury Community.

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