3 Days of Style: Bertrand C.

Name: Bertrand Cheng

Major/Minor: Communication Studies/Business

Background: Coming back from winter break is always a difficult process not only with having to detach myself from the embracing comfort of a California winter, but also with figuring out what I can possibly shove to make it under the weight capacity of the airline guidelines. It’s hard to dress appropriately and look sharp, let alone venture outside to face a completely white terrain. For most of these outfits, they were selected with great consideration to the weather outside.


Day 1: This look was for a dinner party, so I decided to spruce up my style a notch without looking too polished. I paired a gold trench coat with a checkered button down. Complementing the neutral, earthy palette, I went with weather-appropriate cords and a pair of thrifted boots I came across on eBay.

(Coat: Uniqlo, Dress shirt: Club Monaco, Corduroys: Zara, Boots: eBay)

Day 2: First and foremost, it was disgusting outside with perpetual showers the entire day. To cope with this, I donned my trusty Hunter Wellingtons. I usually steer from the preppy style, but I had run out of laundry detergent and decided to recycle my button down shirt by coordinating it under a burgundy pullover with a neat stitched pigeon patterned detail. I went for black skinnies with a bit of elastane, so I would be mobile while trekking to and across campus.

(Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Dress shirt: Club Monaco, Pants: Uniqlo, Rain boots: Hunter Wellingtons)

Day 3: This was Tuesday night during the eye of the blizzard, but I had already made reservations at Myers + Chang in the South End for my friend’s birthday and no storm was going to prevent me from that. I wore my lengthy parka with a warm cotton lining. My hair was no adversary to the winds, so I capped it with a floral snapback and layered up with an ironic horse sweater I found at Salvation Army. Waist down, I suited up with a pair of Japanese raw denim, which is thicker and more durable than regular jeans. Not intending to get any of my nice shoes sullied by the snow/salt combo, my sturdy patented Doc Martens did the trick.

(Parka: Zara, Snapback, Profound Aesthetic Company, Sweater: Salvation Army, Jeans: Naked & Famous, Shoes: Doc Martens)

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