3 Days of Style: Holiday Edition

Name: Juliana McLeod

Major: Journalism

Background: Return of the holidays, and so, a return to upstate New York where my family resides. With New York comes blizzards, which means spending the holidays mostly indoors. Though the urge to stay inside and wear pajamas all day was most prominent, I managed to be presentable and comfortable for Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Day 1: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a double entendre for me since it is also my dad’s birthday. So as nighttime strolled around, it was time to don an outfit that didn’t involve flannel or fuzzy socks. Yet, I was not just about to give up my comfortable wardrobe. Instead, I went for stretchy pants that matched a solid black shirt. Stretchiness + dark colors = Christmas Eve dinner face-stuffing galore. But as a last inch of classiness, I slipped on some gold heels that complimented the zippers on my pants.

(Top: H&M; Pants: T.J.Maxx; Heels: Zappos)

Day 2: Christmas

Though “It’s a Wonderful Life” was calling my name, it was time for Christmas dinner and time to bring in the big boys when it came to classy dressing. I found it only appropriate to wear a deep maroon dress, then topped it with a gray blazer that acted both as a shoulder-coverer and an additional layer of warmth. Black tights paired with maroon heels (borrowed most graciously from my mother) completed the look, as I pulled my hair back so it didn’t get in the way of gorging myself with Christmas cookies!

(Dress: American Eagle; Blazer: J. Crew; Heels: T.J.Maxx)

Day 3: New Year’s Eve

And just like that, it’s 2014 — can you believe it? The combination of freezing weather and a party are not ideal for a college girl, but I managed to find a point of moderation in my outfit. By pairing a sweater that is, oh, so warm with a leather skirt, I dressed for the occasion as well as the weather. Topped off with a simple brown necklace and curled hair and it was goodbye 2013, hello 2014!

(Sweater: T.J.Maxx; Skirt: ASOS)

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