Save Stylishly: James Dean’s Leather Jacket to Yours

By Bertrand Cheng
Photos:,, Zara, H&M, Forever 21



Something about the holidays seems to lift everyone’s mood in contrast to the lowering temperatures and darker nights. Perhaps it’s the festive lights and décor that beckon for our wallets to empty out as we cross off our own personal wish lists as well as our family and friends’.

2710401800_1_1_1Still learning to adapt to the glacial winters of the East Coast, there is nothing more inviting than immersing under the protection of a quality jacket. The leather jacket has unvaryingly been a staple in American culture, journeying back to the quintessentially iconic James Dean or a then still fit Marlon Brando a la Wild One.

Saint Laurent’s motorcycle jacket is highly coveted for its supple Italian lambskin exterior and streamline cut to the detailed epaulets and understated silk lining. Celebrities such as 30 Second to Marss lead singer Jared Leto, Bruno Mars and Maroon 5’s
Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 1.42.58 AM
Adam Levine to the indisputable Yeezy have all donned this enviable regalia.

Now, if you’re financially nourished with around $5,000, this should be no problem, but for the rest of us struggling college students not rolling in the deep, here are some more economically suitable alternatives.

49256918-01Spanish clothing brand Zara is known for their European aptitude without the egregious European price. They offer both a leather biker jacket for a steeper $349 and a faux substitute for $169.

If that is still too expensive, H&M has a great style for only $69.95 and an uncanny resemblance to YSL’s. Online clothing store ASOS has a wide range of British influenced brands and styles where one can easily score an authentic leather jacket for $158. Finally, if you’re feeling frugal and don’t desire to stifle your savings, Forever 21 (surprisingly) has some men’s selections where the imitation moto style is available for $49.80.

So perhaps this time around, instead of buying in quantity, splurge on one key piece. A leather jacket is an awesome basic to add to one’s wardrobe and will never go out of style. In fact, the longer it’s been possessed, the more it molds to one’s body. And c’mon, who wouldn’t want to rock a piece like the Sexiest Man Alive?





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