Success Story: Maggie A at Boston Street Style

By Jamie Ducharme
Photo: Maggie Antalek

Name: Maggie AntalekIMG_6630 copy
Major: Graphic design with a digital art minor
Graduating: December 2014
Company: Boston Street Style blog
Part time/Full time: Occasional
Previous co-ops/internships: Owner of Studdly, a small jewelry business; graphic design co-op at VHB civil engineering firm; intern/assistant photographer for Emmi Sorokin, a men’s stylist in Boston; about to work in digital marketing at TJX

How did you end up at Boston Street Style? How did Fashion & Retail Society help you get there?

I originally contacted Boston Street Style via email just to express my love for the blog. I was following the posts every single day and figured, hey, why not shoot them an email and let them know I would love to help them out with some photography if they needed it? Turns out they went to Northeastern as well and were a part of my program. They were interested in meeting with me and it was helpful that they had already scheduled a time to come and talk at Fashion & Retail Society’s next meeting, so they were headed to campus anyway. It was a perfect opportunity to meet with them before their talk and get to know each other. Then I followed up about their presentation with an article for the blog.

What were your job responsibilities?

I have helped Krista and Dave [the founders] with two separate shoots where they needed a second hand. The first shoot was at Ball and Buck on Newbury, where I helped arrange the setup of the space, did the lighting and adjusted everything as needed. I also helped them with a shoot at Goodwill, showcasing some people who they had photographed previously and whom they knew could make an outfit from the selection at Goodwill. I helped style some of the outfits beforehand for each model, and then took some photos of Krista and Dave behind the scenes as they worked.

What was your favorite part of the job? Least favorite?

My favorite parts were definitely getting more hands-on experience with the equipment, seeing some awesome menswear at Ball and Buck and helping style outfits from Goodwill. The only bad part was shooting outside—it was so cold! But that’s part of being a photographer and sucking it up for the sake of fashion.

What did you learn from the job?

I learned more about lighting and photographing people who are not professional models, which is certainly a challenge. We have kept in touch and I would definitely hope to work with Krista and Dave again in the future if they need my assistance.

Do you aspire to work in fashion someday? Did the job contribute to your answer one way or another?

Absolutely. I know I will continue to be involved in the fashion industry and have dipped my toes in the water in many ways besides working with Krista and Dave. I recently did a shoot at Saks for Emmi Sorokin’s new book about men’s business casual fashion, I am currently running my own jewelry business making bracelets ,which are sold online and in a boutique in Buffalo, N.Y., and I designed the logo and icon for a social media app called “Fashioned” last spring. I do as much as I can in my free time to get a feel for what I am most interested in with the field of fashion, and I hope my new position at TJX will also help me answer all my questions about my possible career path.

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