Girls’ Take on Guys’ Professional Wear

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson

A wise person once said, “A well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.” Truer words have never been spoken. And while suits are great defaults for men on almost any occasion, they’re obviously a great look for men to wear while at the office. Today, we asked some girls around campus what they think about various style options for men’s professional wear. Check it out:

The Sans-Jacket Look

sans jacket

“I feel like this look isn’t for all body types. I like this, but it depends on who’s wearing it. I feel like everyone can’t pull off this look.” –Stephanie Tan, Biology

“Can be classy and casual, depending on the rest of the ensemble. If the rest of the outfit is dressy (the shirt, the pants, the shoes, etc) the outfit can be dressed up. But if the rest of the outfit is dressed down, the sans-jacket can be worn then, too.” –Jordyn Hanover, Behavioral Neuroscience

“I think this looks hot! It looks really sexy if you have a nice body. I think it’s a good look for work for younger people, like in their twenties. It helps you look young and professional at the same time.” –Soha Jasani, Sociology

“I feel like this can be professional; a look for people in the fashion industry but not for people who work in an office. It gives a soft, warm impression. No charisma.” –Yoonji Hur, Pharmacy

The Classic Professional Look

classic prof

“This one is my favorite. I think it’s sexy and it’s very classy. It can be worn for any elegant occasion. I think the briefcase is very chic.” –Tan

“Classy, traditional. Always a safe bet. The classic professional is very traditional but still very in style. It’s a safer option but is always available, which makes it a very favorable outfit.” –Hanover

“I don’t think any man could go wrong wearing a suit. It will always and forever be a good look for the office.” –Jasani

“It looks very charismatic, chic and classic; it looks very professional. This is a perfect look for any business occasion.” -Hur

The Comfy-Cas Look

“It looks very cuddly. It’s a model stay-at-home dad outfit, but it’s not as professional as I’d like it to be. They’re stylish, but seem to have a more practical function.” –Tan

“Nice, well dressed. Dressy casual sort of look.” –Hanover

“The one on the left is really hot, but the one on the right looks like he borrowed his girlfriend’s cardigan. I just think the buttons and the collar are more for girls; I think I have a cardigan like that. I think for a lot of professional places, this would be a little too casual. But if you wore it with khakis or dark pants, it could work.” –Jasani

“It looks very fashionable, but does not look professional. It’s more of a college student look rather than a professional look.” -Hur

The Mixed Print Look

scizo print

“Only a hipster could pull this off. Middle-aged men would look like clowns if they wore this. You really have to make sure the colors don’t clash. I don’t think it’s a very professional outfit; you could wear this to an event, but not to the workplace.” –Tan

“Not at all attractive. It’s like they’re trying to be girly and cute, without actually accomplishing that.” –Hanover

“I think mixing patterns and colors is a good idea, I’m all for it; it’s the latest style. The patterns should be in the same color family or a neutral though. I do like the idea; I think it’s really cool. This looks great when you can pull it off, otherwise it can be overwhelming. It’s a good professional look.” –Jasani

“It looks trendy and young; it grabs a lot of attention. So unless you really need to grab attention, this outfit would not be proper.” –Hur

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