Shopping for Guys? The Perfect Gift Guide

By Kelsey Zimmerer
Photos:, Facebook,,,, Pinterest,,, Etsy,

Guys are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. Sure, they’re usually happy with anything that has cheese on it or is shiny (maybe that’s just my boyfriend), but a special gift for a guy is typically hard to pin down. For a fashionable holiday present, consider upgrading the basics he uses everyday for items that are far cooler than average.Stylish and sensible is a no fail combo.


headphones- beats facebook

Sure, the headphones that come with most smart phones are perfectly usable and have a decent quality sound system, but what’s better than usable and decent? Sweet colors, crazy technology and music on a whole new level. I’m talking Bose, Beats and Skullcandy.

headphones- beats facebook 2

Sweet Kicks

shoes- pinterest

Whether he’s the type that follows sneaker brands on Twitter or wears the same shoes to class, to the gym and everywhere else, trendy shoes will make him and his feet happy.

Smart Phone Camera Lens

iphone lens- photojojo

If he’s used every Instagram filter 20 times or more, it might be time for an upgrade. His trendy pics will only look cooler with the addition of a photographer slash techie-lover’s dream: a smart phone camera lens.  There are tons of places to find these accessories, but seems to have the winning selection.

Drinking Accessories

mason jar-etsy

Of course, I’m talking about the classy kind. Think engraved flasks, cool mason jar glasses and whiskey stones. Recommended for the 21 plus crowd only. Drink up, ole’ chap.

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