Hairstyles To Go With Scarves

By Jennifer Sun

Scarves are truly an essential accessory to one’s wardrobe on the East coast. They’re stylish, affordable and keep you warm throughout the chilly autumns and winters! While we love wearing our many scarves, we don’t love that sometimes our hair gets tangled in it as well. But no worries, we have four hairstyles that will keep your hair out of your scarf! And more good news: even though your hair won’t be fully down, your scarf will still keep you nice and cozy.

Wendy’s Lookbook everyday updo

wendys updo

Just letting your hair down is often a go-to when wearing scarves, but pulling your hair into a simple updo can be both functional and fashionable. By keeping your hair up, more of the scarf can be seen and it will be the focus of your outfit. This can be great if you’ve got an intricately printed scarf! Wendy Nguyen, a fashion blogger, has an elegant, everyday updo that I’m a fan of. Here’s a link to the tutorial so you can achieve the look yourself:

Side Braid

side braid scarf pic

I personally love this hairstyle the most because the side braid can rest elegantly on your scarf and also keep it in place while still framing your face. You won’t have to worry about your scarf knotting your hair up as well! Additionally, almost everyone knows how to braid (if you don’t, grab a pal who can braid up your hair in a jiffy). Plus, this hairstyle can be achieved very quickly and easily, within a minute or two.

High Bun

A high bun paired with a scarf is a versatile and comfortable look. You can create a very put-together ballerina bun with elegant clothes to look the epitome of professional or you can pair a messy bun with casual clothes to have a more hipster look. If it’s a windy day, you’ll definitely be happy with this look because your hair won’t be flying everywhere!


half do scarf pic

Lastly, of course, the compromise between tying one’s hair up and leaving it all down is the classic half-do. This look pulls hair back from your face, but allows the rest of your hair to drape down. A half-do is great if you want to showcase a pair of lovely earrings that would otherwise be hidden by your hair!

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