The Minimalist Wardrobe: Five Essential Pieces for a Woman’s Wardrobe

By Elise Borja
Photos: Elise Borja

In a society defined by materialism, we are constantly looking to buy “the next big thing.” Shopping becomes a weekly — maybe even daily — routine for some, taking time and money away from the important things in life and dedicating them to clothes, beauty products and other frivolous purchases. We see a mediocre shirt that is on sale and we are immediately drawn to it. Odds are it is something that will sit in your closet because of its 12-step cleaning process or because of the gaping hole under your arm, but who cares? It was on sale! Who could pass up a deal like that, right? Wrong.

A great wardrobe usually starts off with a few investment pieces. For some, the initial cost is steep and from what they can tell from their past purchases, it may seem unreasonable. Heck, why spend $200 on a black blazer from Club Monaco when you can buy something similar for $25 at H&M?

The reason is all in the quality. With a few investment pieces, your wardrobe always looks expensive and chic (plus, the items will last you 10 times longer than your bargain buys). Below are five different items every woman should have in her closet. Each piece is versatile and tasteful, promising for a long-lasting relationship and high satisfaction.

Black flats


Black flats seem like a given, but is a crucial part of any woman’s closet. They go with just about any outfit you put together, whether you are trying to create a casual or formal look. Also, don’t feel restricted to plain ballet flats. As an essential in your wardrobe, they should always reflect your style.

Tweed Jacket/Blazer


Although they are not usually worn everyday, tweed jackets and blazers instantly add a professional vibe to your outfit. Invest a lot in these pieces because you really will use them forever.

Black Jeans


Jeans are something we, as college students, wear on a daily basis. Buying high-quality jeans will promise for a consistently polished wardrobe. If you know you will get your money’s worth, invest in the best.

A Signature Bag


Although my bag is black and classic, a signature bag can be whatever fits your personality. If it’s something that represents you and you know you will use everyday, it’s worth spending money on.

A Signature Accessory


My signature accessory is an embellished headband. During the winter, many people think they need to sacrifice fashion due to the harsh weather. With this headband, I can still look stylish without sacrificing any warmth. Again, invest. Invest. Invest

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