Member Spotlight — Website Assistant Elise Borja

By Sora Hwang
Photos: Sora Hwang

After one day of uncharacteristic warmth in late November, Huskies were forced to accept the reality of living in New England in winter — it’s cold, really cold. It’s easy to turn to comfy sweaters and an extreme number of layers, prioritizing warmth over style. Members of the Fashion & Retail Society prove it’s possible to prioritize both.

DSC_0554Name: Elise Borja

Year: Sophomore

Major: Communication Studies

Involvement in Society: Website assistant and staff writer starting this year

Describe your style in 3 words: Vintage, feminine and classic

How did you put together this outfit?: To be honest, I put on these pants right before the meeting because it was freezing, but I knew I wanted to look nice today, so I threw on a silk blouse, and a thick gold chain to add something extra. The embroidered headband is my staple item for the winter, so I don’t go anywhere without it.

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