Taking Charge of Thanksgiving Fashion

By Jamie Ducharme
Photos: gap.com, forever21.com, asos.com, madewell.com, trendvogue.net

Dressing for Thanksgiving dinner can be tricky. You need something loose enough to allow for the thousands of calories you’re about to consume, but something polished enough to avoid getting demoted to the kids’ table and/or disowned by your relatives. With these suggestions, you’ll be able to eat that second (or third) slice of pie and show your face in family photos.

Sweater Dress


A sweater dress single-handedly got me through Thanksgiving ’11. So long as you choose one that isn’t too fitted and is made from a non-clingy fabric, you’ll successfully hide your food baby while looking stylish and cozy. Bonus: If you wear tights and pull them up over your stomach, you’ve got yourself a pair of ghetto Spanx.

Printed Pants


Flowy, printed pants are everywhere right now, and you will never love them more than on Thanksgiving. Your relatives will think you’re hip and edgy, when really you just needed something with an elastic waistband and a forgiving silhouette. Perfect.

Anything Fit and Flare


A circle skirt or fit and flare dress is a real crowd-pleaser. They’ll give you a shape and will highlight areas that won’t be affected by eating five pounds of food, while your stomach will be tactfully slimmed.



Thanksgiving is the peplum’s time to shine. The extra flounce of fabric expertly hides even the most bloated bellies, and they come in so many forms—dresses, tops and skirts—that you’re almost guaranteed to find one you like.



Pop a blazer or fitted jacket over pretty much anything in your wardrobe, and you’ve immediately upped both your classiness and your ability to hide what your body actually looks like underneath. It’s foolproof.

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