How to Stay Cute While Bundled for Winter: Coats, Scarves, Layering and More

By Kelsey Zimmerer
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I think I speak for every college girl in Boston when I recount this daily winter struggle:

You wake up, bundled in your blankets because outside temperatures are dropping like it’s hot — but it’s really, really not.  It’s freezing and because of that, no matter what stylish look you put together, it will all be hidden under whatever you can pile on to hold on to some sense of warmth.

Instead of giving up and throwing on sweatpants in resignation, step up your cold weather game. Here’s how to layer like a champ, take on the cold, and look like a fashionista no matter what the thermometer says.

Coats are Key

coat-pink bloglovinThere is no way to avoid wearing a coat during the winter, so embrace it and look for on-trend outerwear. Bright colors, fur accents and playful shapes will showcase your sense of style while still being functional.

Bring on the Scarves

scarf- layered pinterestOnce again, when it comes to battling wind and snow, staying warm is essential — no one ever looked cute while freezing. Look for scarves that are extra long and perfect for wrapping, infinity scarves that do the layering for you, or rustic prints to nail wintertime chic.

Bold Bottoms

pants-leather  pinterstEven if your top is buried under a coat, your pants are still visible and can make a huge statement. Have fun with them in various prints, textures and fabrics! Glittery? Velvet? Brocade? Absolutely.

Layer on Layers

flannel and statement necklaceCollared shirts paired with cozy sweaters are huge right now — and perfect for battling winter weather woes. These staples like chambray button ups, flannel shirts and v-neck sweaters are probably already in your closet. Throw a statement necklace on top and the look is complete.

Colored Lips

lips-pink-pinterestIt may not keep you warm, but bright lipstick is a foolproof way to add a touch of style and glamour to any look. Go bold in the pinks, reds and plums of the winter season, and let it be the focus of your outfit.

One thought on “How to Stay Cute While Bundled for Winter: Coats, Scarves, Layering and More

  1. These are great tips, I’m just about getting ready to order some new clothes to prepare for the winter, and was totally clueless. This helps a lot. x

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