Alvin Valley Trunk Show Recap

By Elise Borja
Photos: Elise Borja

On Friday, Nov. 15, the Fashion & Retail Society was invited to attend the Alvin Valley Trunk Show at the Four Seasons in downtown Boston. The event ran from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m., showcasing the designer’s fall 2013 collection for a few select Bostonians.

Having designed clothes for about 20 years, Valley has maintained a focus on empowering women through his posh, business-casual clothing, specifically his infamous pant designs. Once known as “the king of pants”, this designer incorporates spanx into his pants, making the dressing process quick and leaving any woman feeling more confident in her own skin– or in this case, her own pants.

Valley shows that getting ready in the morning does not require you to put on layers of Lycra before slipping into your daily attire; it can all be done with the same amount of glamour as before, while still showing off your great physique.

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