Speaker Series Recap: Fashion Photographer Lauren Engel

By Elise Borja
Photos: Rachel WorthmanDSC_0029

This past Tuesday, Nov. 12, Northeastern sophomore Lauren Engel came to talk to the Fashion & Retail Society about her experiences working as a photographer in the fashion industry. Although she is currently studying international business and finance, Lauren has been working with photography since she was about 15 years old.

Engel started off editing photographs taken by other photographers, and then progressed into taking senior portraits and friendship pictures. In high school, she began her pursuit into the photography industry by sending her portfolio to the top seven modeling agencies in Hong Kong. Shortly after, she was contacted by several agencies that needed helping creating portfolios for their models.

Engel explained the process of a photo shoot as a one- or two-hour commitment, comprised of both creativity and diligence. It begins with referencing the model’s features, and then finding a makeup artist and stylist that fits the look the photographer envisions for the shoot. The photographer then looks for a location with the stylist to decide where the shoot would be best placed.

Afterwards, the photo shoot finally begins! During the shoot, the photographer is not only responsible for taking pictures, but also managing everyone on the set to make sure everything runs smoothly. Lastly, the photographer chooses the best shots and sends them off to the team as well as the client.

Engel has ample experience in photography industry, working with major publications such as Vogue France, GQ France, Harper’s Bazaar Australia, as well as clients such as Beat by Dre, Adidas and Krewella. Today, she is working on her studies at Northeastern University, but remains a contributor for Life Without Andy, an event photography site.


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