Guys’ Take on Girls’ Party Apparel

By Robyn Estwick

Almost every weekend, there is a party to be found somewhere. For most girls, this means raiding your friends’ closets and complaining that you have nothing wear, when the true problem is that you have too many clothes. Most of the time you’re trying to impress some guy, or at the very least, you’re trying to look good for the pictures soon to be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, which you’re dying to hashtag no filter.

Well, if you’re trying to impress a guy or you’re not quite sure what to wear out this Friday night, we got the scoop on what will make other partygoers turn their heads. While some guys remain clueless to the time and effort we put into our outfits, others were able to share some insightful advice.

The Bodycon


“I like it; it shows off all the important body parts. But when a girl is wearing it in the winter months, it’s a bit confusing, perhaps too aggressive.” –Jason Del Re, English major

“I don’t mind it, but I’d prefer a girl keep it simple. Jeans, boots and a nice shirt works.” – Jamie Kazier, Finance major

The Peplum


“Is that what that thing is called?” – Del Re

The Sheer Shirt


“It says ‘I’m classy, but I’m fun too!’” – Derek Chassinol, Music major

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