Links We Love: Nov. 10, 2013

By Stephanie Baladi
Photos: Buzzfeed

This was quite the week for the fashion industry. From scandals to showstoppers, check out the links below and get the inside scoop!


1. With some celebrities, what you see is what you get. It’s pretty easy to predict what you’ll see them in on the street or red carpet. However, there are a few wild cards out there though who have the ability to wow us every time and keep us guessing! [Fashion Chameleons: 5 Stars with Unpredictable Style; Harper’s Bazaar]

2. This past week, the “Parade of National Costumes” took place as part of the Miss Universe pageant. As always, some of the costumes were over-the-top and jaw dropping – for both good and bad reasons. Check out all the costumes over at Buzzfeed! [Miss USA Wore a Transformers Costume in the Miss Universe Pageant; Buzzfeed]

3. New York-based architect Azin Valy founded the Cityzen by Azin label after being inspired satellite maps. The designs feature an aerial view of cities from all over the world and integrate topographical details into the shape of the garment. Be sure to take a look at all these amazing pieces! [11 Aerial Cityscapes Inspiring Beautiful Fashion Prints; Buzzfeed]

4. Disney and Harrods came together to collaborate with some of the world’s top designers including Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Elle Saab. In total, there were 10 pieces inspired by the Disney Princesses.  These incredible, one of a kind pieces will be auctioned off of Nov. 13 to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. [Disney Princesses Go Couture!; Daily Mail]

5. Lululemon yoga pants quickly turned into a staple for every girl age 15 and up when they came on the market. This past summer though, the brand came under fire for see-through fabric leaving women feeling exposed. Unfortunately, in an attempt to save face and explain just what was going on with their product, they decided to blame the consumer saying women weren’t “using” the pants correctly. [Lululemon’s Pants Debacle Takes Fat-Shaming Turn; The Cut]

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