Find Your Perfect Winter Coat

By Sarah Darrow

If you don’t already own a winter coat, then you better start your search. But be warned—if you want a warm, quality jacket, you’ll have to save up some money. So when you start looking for your perfect winter coat, take the time to find one that is practical, yet still stylish enough to be worn with anything you own.

1. If you’re looking for warmth

If you’re looking to stay warm this winter, opt for a down coat– one with a faux fur trim hood is an added bonus. The reason down jackets keep you so warm is due to the “down” filling, which consists of the soft feathers of a duck or goose. This helps retain heat inside the jacket and keep you nice and toasty. This T Tahari coat is perfect for keeping you both warm and stylish; the cinched belt will accentuate your waist and you can never go wrong with a dark-colored coat.
Cost: $179.90


2. On the look out for versatility

Another option is to go for a wool blend coat. They are incredibly versatile and come in a plethora of colors and cuts. You can make more of a statement with a bright pink one or one with a bold pattern. Searching for one with subtly stylish details? A military-inspired coat would be perfect. This black military style coat from Mango is both beautiful and affordable. It’s long enough to help keep your legs warm and caters to a variety of personal styles. Wool coats are great investment pieces because they are excellent insulators and can handle rain showers.
Cost: $99.99


3. In need of more style

If you want to make more of a statement with your outerwear and still stay somewhat warm, go for a completely faux fur jacket. Not only are they incredibly fun but you probably won’t also see many other students sporting them. This brown vintage fur coat from ASOS has a neutral color that will look great with anything in your closet. Layer a sweater and shirt underneath and you’ll be warm enough for the fickle Boston weather.
Cost: $115.69


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