3 Days of Style: Bertrand C.

Name: Bertrand Cheng
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Business
My style in 3 words: Minimalistic. Daring. Distinct.
Background: Autumn will forever remain my favorite season. I associate it with my birthday, the start of school, fashion week,  the return of my TV shows, September issues, the change in weather, and most pertinently, the luxury to layer. Fall is brisk enough to engulf in scarves and thick wool coats, yet not as harrowing as winter that one must compromise style for functionality. Stemming from a childhood immersed in the arts, I seek influence in my sartorial selections through a myriad of inspirations. From fashion blogs like Jak & Jil, Streetfsn and Mode Man to foreign films, historical decades and literature, my wardrobe is indicative and reflective of the moments in my life. With one’s style, its better to experiment and try than to be unmemorable. 

Day 1: Coming from the West coast, my Californian blood is especially not suited for such unbearable temperature drops. This outfit was selected after checking my iPhone for the day’s weather forecast. To cope with the temperature, I bundled a fox-patterned dress shirt under a thick cashmere scarf and a neat wool jacket from a Hong Kong boutique. I search for unique pieces that manipulate with shape and design. I complemented the monotone hues with merino paneled trousers and my Ferragamo loafers because I’m far too lazy to tie my shoes. 

(Dress shirt: Topman, Cashmere scarf: Nordstrom, Wool jacket: I.T, trousers: Club Monaco, shoes: Ferragamo)

Day 2: For this outfit, I headed in a more laid-back direction. I frequently don snapbacks when bracing the weather or am just simply having a bad hair day. My intent was to highlight my Boy London crew-neck, so I kept the rest of my outfit subdued. Inspired by street fashion, I paired the sweater with waxed skinnies, ox-blood combat boots and a thrifted flannel shirt to make the entire look more casual. Tending to find a healthy complement between mixing high and low fashion, I completed the styling with my favorite PS11 shoulder bag. 

(Sweater: Boy London, Waxed pants: Helmut Lang, Plaid shirt: thrifted, boots: Zara, bag: Proenza Schouler)

Day 3: I was grabbing drinks with some pals, so I wanted to spruce up the overall look without trying to look too formal. Personally as a sucker for anything floral, I wore a patterned button down with a jean jacket. The jacket was a great thrift find at Wasteland on Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco. Going off of a Canadian tuxedo, I married the look with my favorite pair of raw denim and suede oxfords. I’ve had this pair of Nudies for three years, so they are super worn in and extremely comfortable. Since it was for evening, I felt it appropriate to polish the ensemble with a compact clutch in an averse shade. 
(dress shirt: Topman, denim jacket: Wasteland, raw denim: Nudies, oxfords: Asos.com, clutch: Ralph Lauren – my mom’s in the 80s! (Mean Girls, haha))

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