Ralph Lauren Unveils Team USA’s Winter Olympic Uniforms

By Elizabeth Johnson-Wilson
Photos: Today.com, Business Insider

sochi fashion

screen shot 2013-10-30 at 11.40.25 amOn Oct. 29, the Team USA uniforms for the 2014 Winter Olympics were revealed on the Today show for the 100-day countdown to Sochi. The uniforms, created by American designer Ralph Lauren, were modeled by Sochi contenders — figure skater Evan Lysacek, ice hockey player Julie Chu, ice dancers Charlie White and Meryl Davis, and skiers Hannah Kearney and Alex Schlopy.

The uniforms were manufactured in the U.S., a relief to many after the controversy surrounding the uniforms of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Ralph Lauren was heavily criticized for manufacturing the official clothing for those Games in China.

hannah kearney 1Though the reasons for overseas production are mainly economic, this year Ralph Lauren worked with over 40 domestic manufacturers to produce the clothing. Even The North Face, the outfitter for the ski team, built a domestic factory to manufacture their clothing, tapping into American patriotism.

I feel that the uniforms this year are much more stylish than those of previous years, and I generally like them. The Closing Ceremony outfits consist of knit hats and sweaters featuring snowflake and reindeer motifs, athletic pants with 2014 stitched into the lower leg, wool peacoats and black leather boots, while the Olympic Village outfits consist of mesh zip-up jackets, fleece pullovers, khakis, and long-sleeve Team USA shirts with the same boots, all in shades of red, navy, cream, and white and adorned with the Polo logo and American flags.

All the clothing is nice, crisp, and clean, and effectively represents the essence of Americana and the American spirit.

Go Team USA!

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