Girls’ Take on Guys’ Party Apparel

By Alexandra Sadler

When guys walk into a party, they are giving girls a first impression of who they are and what their taste in fashion is like. Guys can either show up rockin’ the super preppy look, the business causal look, or — when they get a little too cocky — the no-shirt look. We asked a few girls what they think of each of these styles that guys think they can pull off and their responses show that guys should never put too much effort into what they wear to parties.

So, guys, when you’re about to have a night out on the town, look presentable, but don’t make it seem like you’re trying too hard. Girls don’t like it when you’re prettier than them!

Pic 1

“I love when guys dress preppy. This just looks classy to me.” –Alexa Kennedy, freshman, environmental engineering major.

“Oh god. Not digging the popped collar or sweater on the shoulders.” –Rachel Cope, freshman, behavioral neuroscience major.

“Looks like he’s about to hop onto his yacht. Too flashy and too preppy.” –Grace Pyne, freshman, business major.

Pic 2

“Looks like he’s trying way too hard.” –Kennedy

“Looks very casual. I don’t like his chain or belt though.” –Cope

“He’s trying too hard to look good.” –Pyne

Pic 3

“If a guy had the abs for that, I would love to see him in this outfit at a party.” –Kennedy

“If a guy took his shirt off at a party, I would enjoy his abs, but would think he’s self-centered.” –Cope

“Guys need to wear their shirts at a party unless it’s a theme.” –Pyne

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