Top 5 Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2013

By Alexis Galmin
Photos: Refinery29, Harper’s Bazaar, USA Today,

The only people who seem to get into the Halloween spirit as much as — or more than — college students are celebrities. Take a look at some top notch costumes from celebrities this past Halloween below.


Alexa Chung as the Hamburgler

Maybe I’m being biased because of the huge Girl Crush I have on everything Alexa Chung, but her Hamburgler costume was original and fashionable as is everything this “it” girl does. I love a funny costume and she looks her naturally beautiful self through and through. You all know what’s coming –- Ba Da Ba Ba Ba I’m Lovin’ It.

Derek Blasberg

Derek Blasberg as a Loser

I came upon this gem of an outfit late in my search for the best Halloween costumes and in light of the World Series after glow, I thought a celebrity embracing his inner loser was the most creative and original costume I’ve seen thus far. Go Sox!

Heidi Klum 1Heidi Klum as 50 years her senior

As an icon of the fashion world and judge of Project Runway, the beautiful Heidi Klum catches the attention of the public regularly, as do her over the top Halloween costumes year after year — but this year will go down in the record books as she dawned an older Heidi with the most realistic costume from head to toe! She even added some sun damage, dry spots and varicose veins. Grandma Klum gets a 10.

Dermot and DeeDermot and Dee as Karl and Choupette

In the heart of fashion, it’d only be appropriate to include the creative costumes of Dermot O’Leary and Dee Koppang as Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette, the Chanel designer’s famous cat. Very original.

iggy azalea

Iggly Azalea as Cruella De Vil

This incredible getup is too believable, since the talent is known for her “I don’t give a $#!*” attitude. Iggly Azalea showed off her ruthless fashionista side as Cruella De Vil this Halloween, accompanied by a gorgeous Dalmatian.

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