Links We Love: Nov. 3, 2013

By Sarah Darrow


Now that midterms are over (if they’re not, then I am very sorry that yours are so late in the semester), it’s time to take a break from studying and catch up on fashion news, blogger style and fun websites to check out. Even if you do have a test coming up, take a short break and look through these Links We Love!

1. From her meat dress to her Kermit the Frog get up, Lady Gaga is known for her theatrical outfits. Sometimes you wonder how she and her stylist come up with all of these ideas. Check out this amusing article that has a different formula for her most recent slew of wacky ensembles. [A Mathematical Guide to Understanding Lady Gaga’s Ridiculous Outfits;]

2. Even though I tend to get envious of their clothes, looking through personal style blogs can be quite fun. And how can you not feel somewhat inspired by the stunning photos of perfectly put together outfits? For some drool-worthy outfits, check out Kelli Murray’s fashion blog. You’ll find amazing photos of her outfits and even a few shots of her adorable well-dressed child. [Kelli Murray]

3. Have you been behind in your fashion-related news? Well fear not, because Women’s Wear Daily has a list of ten must-read articles of the week. You’ll find out about the new CEO at Bloomingdales, the difficulty of Millenial’s shopping habits, and other interesting articles! [Week in Review: 11/02/2013; Women’s Wear Daily]

4. Costumes are one of my favorite parts of watching movies and TV shows. Sometimes I pay more attention to the clothes than I do to whatever is going on in the plot. Although The Hunger Games is packed with action, the costumes are not to be ignored. Find out more about the designers’ thoughts behind some of the characters’ costumes in this article! [What the Well-Dressed Warrior Wears; New York Times]

5. There are a lot of clothes and shoes that I wish I could afford, but probably never will. But there are also a lot of clothes and shoes that I probably would never wear, either because the heel is too high or due to the fact that I wouldn’t look good in it. With garments and outfits that I find this conundrum with, there is a great outlet for creating them—Polyvore. You can create as many outfits as you want with a database of thousands of different clothes, accessories and shoes. You can even tap into your interior design side and create rooms, décor and all. So, check it out on a rainy day and have fun putting together your dream outfits for any occasion! [Polyvore]

6. If you’re having a bad day and need to look at something funny, then look no further than these pictures of kids dressed up as Chanel bags. I think the first one did the best job. [Kids Dressed Up as Chanel Bags Will Put Other Trick-or-Treaters to Shame; Huffington Post]

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