Union Jack Overload: Prince George’s Christening

By Robyn Estwick
Photos: abcnews.go.com, fashionista.com

HRH Prince George Of Cambridge Is Christened At St James' PalaceThis past Wednesday, Oct. 23, the beautiful Prince George was christened at the Church Palace at the St. James Palace.

Kate Middleton donned a ruffled Alexander McQueen coat dress complete with a matching fascinator — no surprises there. Middleton’s cream color dress also complemented Prince George’s cream christening gown.

While the guest list was only 22-people long, it didn’t stop Londoners from camping outside. Though the royals and their quest were keeping it classy inside, the “commoners” were keeping it — well, very common outside with lawn chairs and posters. HRH Prince George Of Cambridge Is Christened At St James' PalaceAs Prince George became an Anglican and was welcomed into the Church of England, the locals celebrated outside in true London fashion — that is to say the English flag did more than fly high above the church.

Campers were decked in the Union Jack from head to toe, literally. Shirts, jackets, pants, hats, ties and even dog clothes were printed with flag. Any piece of clothing that didn’t have the flag on it was covered in pins congratulating the royal couple.

These camped out locals weren’t just randoms creeping on the Prince. They are dedicated royal fans. Present to celebrate every event “with” the royals themselves. One camper Terri Hutt, who wore a suit covered in Union Jacks, has been attending every royal event since he was four.  The now 78-year-old man feels as if he is part of the family.

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