Guys’ Take on Girls’ Bags

By Robyn Estwick

The past few seasons, many types of bags have hit the fashion world. Girls have incredible options in the style of bag they choose to carry and every style says something different. From the cross body, to the oversized tote, to the printed backpack, girls are rocking bags and purses that speak to their style and convenience. Guys, however, remain clueless to the trends, as usual. We would think guys take some notice as to what we’re carrying our “woman things” in, especially since our bags vary so much in size. When we hit the streets, we were more than proven wrong.

Trend 1: Teeny, Tiny Clutch


“I don’t know. It doesn’t seem practical. Oh! I guess you could fit a tampon in there or something, right?” -Sam Jones, sophomore, music major

“I wouldn’t have noticed it. I don’t take notice of girls’ purses…ever.” -Sean Walsh, senior, English

Are you shocked, ladies? Apparently we could use pillowcases or even a trash bag to carry around our tampons.

Trend 2: The Oversized Tote


A refresher course had to be provided to Jones, before he could state his opinion on the more practical tote bag.

“Her shorts? They look like boy shorts.” A gentle reminder that he was supposed to comment on the bag then prompted him to ask, “It’s a bag?”  Yes, as opposed to what, Mr. Jones?

Trend 3: Printed Backpacks


“If I were a girl, I wouldn’t wear it.” -Joe Gates, sophomore, engineering

Trend 4: Studded Bags


“If Sid Vicious had a purse…” -Walsh

(For the record, Sid Vicious was a member of the punk rock band, the Sex Pistols.)

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